TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Heuer-01 Special Edition 45mm Replica Watches

The watches we have here are TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Heuer-01 replica today. Still, the modular box has 12 parts so that TAG create many variations while still creating scale components, still have chamfered ceramics tachymeters polished them and still have, of course, 01 within the movement of the caliber of the hay. None of this changes. What has changed is the size. Heuer Carrera-01 Original watches are 45mm.

The Case

TAG Heuer, the official timekeeper watchmaker Manchester United offers a new special edition TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Heuer 01 watch replica, in two variants different tapes. Let us now date back to 2015, TAG Heuer Carrera 01 presented a new direction for the famous line of racing chronographs.

Heuer Carrera-01 is large, is a bit cheeky, and instead in black shows movement has a slender appearance and white, although a mostly transparent dial. But today’s TAG Heuer offers an evolution-01, an always modest 43mm measure. The replica TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph 45mm Watch special edition of the Red Devil is based on, they are to resemble the Big Bang Hublot.

The Dial

Heuer Carrera 01 is a Big Bang more accessible at reasonable prices if you want to see it like that. With typical biver tilt for aggressive style, color black, and skeletal dial. The replica TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph United Red Devil special edition can be seen as the epitome of the kind of products you liked. In addition, as a special edition, the watch will be strictly limited in figures.

TAG Heuer will do as long as people are willing to buy it. Very little it was lovers of vintage classic 60 and 70 barrels to remember, and even made a big difference with the other current career as a model 1887. Our technical editor Nicholas Manousos with TAG Heuer few months later spoke the debut of the watch in the details , Which is exactly the 01 Heuer so different and especially deepen.

I recommend you take it for more a look at it. This TAG Heuer Carrera replica case is 45mm wide in black PVD steel and waterproof up to 100 m. The ceramic bezel is black with engraved tachymeter scale.

The movement

Most of the hardware of the case is made in black for a very solid Biverian masculine look modern watch. Inside the watch is the TAG Heuer self-made, automatic Heuer Chronograph 01, It continues to announce how to be good-looking and strong in terms of performance. The movement operates at 4 Hz 28,800bpm with approximately two days of the reserve.

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