Breitling Aerospace EVO Black Dial Quartz Men’s Watch Replica Review

Breitling introduced the Aerospace line in 1985. It was marketed at pilots and world travelers who needed multi-functionality in a piece. It was set apart by it’s dual LCD displays, titanium case, and large arabic numerals on the dial. They’ve been polishing the design pretty steadily since then. My example is the newest EVO model. I bought this Breitling Aerospace EVO black dial watch replica new. Let’s go over some Details.

Case and Crown

The case on the aerospace is almost yawn-ably simplistic apart from the fact that it’s made from Titanium. This Breitling Aerospace 43mm watch E7936310 replica weighs 3.5oz on the bracelet whereas my 45mm Planet Ocean head only weighs 4.5oz, and is just under 11mm thick. As I’m sure a lot of you know Titanium is way lighter than steel, and that becomes apparent as soon as you pick it up.

The crown, in my opinion, is slightly too small considering how much you interact with it. You can choose between fast turning it to switch modes or jump whole hours, or slow turning it which will activate the back light. You can pull the crown out to set the time, or press it to activate the alarm or minute repeater. All in all it’s a cool UI option, but would benefit from being slightly larger to make it a little easier to use.

Diving Bezel

The bezel is a uni-directional steel diving bezel with numerals at every 5 minutes. There is a massive, sapphire protected, lume pip at the 0 position. I find the rotating bezel a little peculiar. On this particular Breitling Aerospace watch replica, you have two ways to time events with the chronograph and timer, so the inclusion of the diving bezel simply adds a third method. Not really a negative I suppose, just something that I thought was interesting. Working top down on this watch the crystal is a beautifully ARed flat sapphire crystal. It looks good on the watch, and I guess that makes it worth it.

Black Dial

The Dial on the Breitling Aerospace EVO replica is what attracted me to this version over it’s earlier iterations. The dial itself is black with applied/polished details at the quarter hour and logo. There are two windows for the digital displays, as I stated earlier the displays do have a backlight that can be activated by slowly rotating the dial. The lume on this watch is off the charts. The numbers apart from the quarter hour applied markers, are lumed. All in all it offers a lot more refinement than what was offered in the earlier versions.


The movement Breitling developed to be used in the Breitling Aerospace EVO replica is a thermocompensated Quartz regulated movement called the Breitling 79. It’s a modified variation on the ETA Thermoline family of movements and it packs some serious clout.

And all of these functions in addition to, you know, chronometer certified time keeping are controlled and set by manipulating the singular crown. Being that this is a COSC certified quartz movement you should/can expect +/- 0.07/s variation per day. Not that accuracy has ever been a struggle for quartz watches but it is worth noting the quality and attention to detail even with just the time keeping.

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