Hublot Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Sapphire Rainbow Replica Watch

At the end of 2021, Hublot and Takashi Murakami unveil the second piece resulting from their collaboration: the splendid Hublot Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Sapphire Rainbow replica watch. In this version, we find the famous humanized flower, an emblematic theme of the Japanese artist’s work, composed here of 487 precious stones housed in a 45 mm sapphire case. Series limited to 100 copies.

Hublot Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Sapphire Rainbow replica watch

45mm case
Taking the characteristic features of the Classic Fusion model, this 45 mm case is carved from sapphire crystal, a technological feat of which Hublot was a pioneer, let us give back to C├ęsar what belongs to him.
Watch dial
The flower displays a mischievous smile on a three-dimensional “face” emerging from the dial. A face around which 12 petals in bright colors turn. This polychromatic effect is obtained by setting 487 stones reproducing the nuances of the rainbow (“rainbow” aspect: rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts, blue sapphires, tsavorites, yellow sapphires and orange sapphires.
A ball bearing system developed by Hublot allows Takashi Murakami’s humanized flower to live, its petals start to rotate – in a non-functional manner, as on Perrelet watches with their turbines – under the watch glass.
Watch movement
On the heart side, the Nyon watchmakers make the caliber HUB1214, the Unico, beat here (of course) without the chronograph function, a movement offering a power reserve of 72 hours. Series limited to 100 numbered copies.

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