TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Montreal Limited Edition Replica For 2020 Christmas Day

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After unveiling the TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Dial Limited Edition at the beginning of the year to kick off the luxury watchmaker’s 160th anniversary, the brand is now introducing a second collector’s edition to mark the historic milestone: the TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Montreal Limited Edition replica watch. “Montreal” was the name of a collection of luminous and captivating Heuer automatic chronographs launched in 1972. Now, the Montreal design makes a striking comeback in the form of an elegant 39mm TAG Heuer Carrera that is limited to only 1,000 pieces.

The creativity behind this limited-edition anniversary timepiece stems from the idea of fusing the designs and DNA of two iconic TAG Heuer watches. The new TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Montreal Limited Edition is directly inspired by the White Heuer Montreal, reference 110503W, which launched in 1972. Today, it is an exceedingly rare collector’s item. For the anniversary model, TAG Heuer borrowed the original, perfectly balanced red, yellow and blue colour palette of the White Heuer Montreal. The bright dial is emblematic of the 1970s, when watch design was transformed by the ability to use coloured luminescent materials; this invention opened-up a fantastic new era of creativity, especially for Heuer.

The movement

The TAG Heuer Carrera line has always featured the most advanced technology that the brand has developed. Possibly the most significant difference between the Heuer Montreal and the modern limited-edition model is the movement within the timepiece. The tribute model is powered by the brand’s Calibre Heuer 02 manufacture movement. This sophisticated in-house innovation is entirely Swiss-made in TAG Heuer’s Chevenez manufacture. It comprises 168 components, including a column wheel and a vertical clutch – signatures of improved chronograph timekeeping and high-quality manufacture movements – and boasts an impressive power reserve of 80 hours.

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