Pretty jewelry of replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer QUARTZ CHRONOGRAPH CAF1112. BA0803 review

AG Heuer is a highly revered brand throughout the globe and the brand is renowned for its superlative automatic timepieces for both men and women.The replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer QUARTZ CHRONOGRAPH CAF1112. BA0803 is in a league of its own.


Now,let’s introduce another watch,It’s worth noting that if we go all the way back to the humble origins of TAG Heuer’s signature dive watch, remember that its debut in 1982 wasn’t powered by an automatic movement, but a quartz one. And ever since, TAG has been consistently offering quartz options within the collection, even while other luxury brands like Omega quietly phase out much of the variety of their own quartz selections. TAG’s commitment has been admirable, but it also serves as a proof point that not only is there still demand, there’s enough demand to warrant growing the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m quartz collection from its single 41mm offering to a trio of 43mm offerings that more closely mimic the design language found on the line’s premium selections (in the past, the quartz and automatic variants were given dramatically different design executions).

TAG Heuer had to do more than just swap out the movement – for this iteration, the bezel is now anodized aluminum (instead of ceramic) in either black, or cheerful hues of red or blue. The magnifying cyclops is also omitted from the crystal, and the dial loses its luminous seconds hand and textured “shutters” in favor of a clean sunburst effect. The end result is undoubtedly much cleaner and simpler, yet still faithful to the Aquaracer collection’s DNA through the preservation of the bold handset and applied indices, screw-down caseback with diver’s helmet engraving, and the six grippy studs on the bezel – all of which have become semi-permanent hallmarks of the collection.

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